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Schedule of  Upcoming Meetings

      • (Virtual) March 12th, 2024 07:00 PM Pacific Time
        • Zoom Meeting. For more information please contact support@svosg.org or call (408) 676-6733
        • With COVID-19 health measures currently in place, meetings are virtual until further notice. In-person meetings will be re-visited as an option in 2023.

What Happened at our February 13th Virtual Meeting

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What Happened at our January 9th Virtual Meeting

Our first meeting of 2024 was called to order by President Chloe Moody at 7:05pm with 16 attendees. The topic for discussion was members’ favorite websites, places to get information as well as tips and “hacks”. We want to thank Pixie for suggesting this topic.
We welcomed new ostomate Nancy, just 9 weeks out from her emergency surgery and glad she is doing so well!

We then had a round robin discussion of tonight’s topic. Below is a summary of what we shared:
Fashion: For a smoother look try wearing spanx, skims or similar type of
shapewear supportive undergarments. Ostomy Secrets has a built-in pocket for
the pouch that also gives a lower profile look. Find pants with waistbands that
hit above the pouch. It was agreed that wearing slim fitting clothing does not
injure the stoma!
Rehydration – Drip Drop powder, preferred over Liquid IV; Propel waters
(electrolyte hydration). Drinking lots of water each day was mentioned by
several members.
Miralax is good for regularity.
For nighttime security – (1) disposable panties, (2) compression top from Vanilla
Blush– these makes wearers feel more pouch secure through the night.
A heated and vibrating belt for abdominal pain or cramps.
Support Groups, Websites and Online communities: SVOSG – a source of
information from sharing and speakers; UOAA website (webinars, articles at
ostomy.org); Ostomy 101 has information, classes and support for ostomates.
Several members learn from reading their Phoenix Ostomy magazine or you tube
searches. Meet an Ostomate.org is an online community where you join in
discussion with other ostomates about common concerns, as well as Inspire.com, another online community with over 250 specialty support groups. For
urostomates BCAN (Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network) is an excellent resource.
Also, the major manufacturers have online help desks with Coloplast Care,
Convatec Me+, and Hollister.
Apps for your phone: Ostobuddy keeps track of your inventory and automatically
adjusts when bag changes are made, gives reminders of when to change your bag,
and you can record skin condition, output, hydration reminders, etc.
HerniPro (Canada) and Nu-Hope for hernia belts, and several members have had
success with non-custom OTC belts.
Taking a “naked” shower (no bag or wafer) pre-change, or just a bag-less shower,
giving the wafer area a good rinse was practiced by many!
Using TP (Charmin 3 ply!) or paper towels for bag changes instead of pricey gauze
squares. (I’ve found VIVA paper towels are the closest texture to the ones I used
in the hospital -jh).
If you need to buy supplies not covered by your insurance plan, Medical Monks is
a good resource.
Skin irritation – Butt Paste or Desitin (zinc based) diaper creams, used sparingly
and carefully (using any creams can cause the wafer to not adhere to the skin).
Marathon liquid skin protectant is also very good for protecting compromised
skin (can order online). “Crusting” with Stoma Powder and then Barrier Spray or
Wipes can also be done. If you’ve bathed with a moisturizing soap, washing the
stoma area with original Head and Shoulders shampoo (contains zinc) will leave
the parastomal skin pouch ready.
Colo Majic flushable pouch liners can be used with 2 piece ostomy pouches, and
reduces the number of pouches used by at least half (note these are not safe for
septic tanks).
Storing Supplies – Plastic bins that can be stored under the bed, organized by type
(i.e. a bin for bags, bin for wafers, bin for sprays/powder); or a wheeled multi-drawer cart organizer. A small organizer for the bathroom closet that holds supplies for approximately 3-4 weeks of changes.

Dave suggested that we collaborate on a list of things new ostomates need when
they go home from the hospital, so we could send that to new members. I think
that would be of real value, since usually we don’t know what we don’t know in
that situation, and it can be overwhelming. So put on your thinking caps and
we’ll review this topic at a future meeting.

Annette reminded us that 2024 annual dues can be mailed to her, with checks
made payable to SVOSG. Dues are $20 and help offset our organizational
expenses (Zoom, UOAA membership, etc.).
You can send your check to SVOSG. If you already have – thank you!

Our guest speaker for the February 13 meeting is Vivian Wong, PhD, RN, CNS,
CWON, CFCN. She is a professor in the School of Nursing at San Jose State
University and Director of the WOCN program. We participate in the WOCN
program twice a year by sharing our personal stories and experiences with the
nurses, as well as tips and tricks we’ve learned. Perhaps after hearing about the
program from Vivian you would like to volunteer! We are looking for a
colostomate to volunteer to participate in the WOCN training at San Jose State
University on Sunday, March 10, 2024, from 10am to 12:30pm. Parking passes
and lunch are provided.

We will be participating in the annual “Be Strong, Live Long” Health and Wellness
Fair at the Santa Clara Senior Center scheduled for Friday, May 17, 2024 from 10
a.m. to 1 p.m. Thank you, Steve and Debbie, for volunteering!
Meeting adjourned at 8:38 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Joanne Harris, Secretary, SVOSG