2014 Meetings

We had no December Meeting

What Happened at our November Meeting

The November meeting was led by Board member Thelma, as Co-Presidents Crystal and Jennifer were both out sick. In attendance were ileostomates, colostomates, and a urologist, as well as those people who support them. There was discussion about an improved appliance from Convetec and newer ones from Coloplast. Encouragement was given to a new ostomate that in time, he would gain the ability to be more independent in changing his appliance. Other miscellaneous things were discussed and all went smoothly. Urostomate Virginia, reported on her, Crystal, and Jennifer being the three members of a panel discussion for the new WOCN program at San Jose State. The three of them were well received with the nurses asking numerous questions and being thankful for speaking to them. It was unanimous by all in attendance that there be a December SVOSG meeting this year. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

What Happened at our October Meeting

Bag Change Extraaganza

Twenty six people were at the meeting chaired by Jennifer and Crystal. The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM.

Introductions were made and Jennifer asked everyone if the planned activity, changing of Bags and Base plates, for the evening would cause anyone to feel uncomfortable. There was a concern that since this had never been done at an Ostomy meeting, it might meet with objections.

A vote was taken and as a result, the planned agenda was started.

Three members of the group volunteered to demonstrate how they change their ostomy bag and base plate. One IIeostomy and two Colostomy patients each changed their appliance separately in front of the group while also fielding questions. The purpose of this demonstration was to let other people see how other ostomates do the process, and as a way of sharing tips and tricks.

The response to the “Bag Change Extravaganza” was very positive and it will be repeated in the future.

Extra unused Ostomy products were there and a number of people took advantage of those supplies. A number of catalogs were also available for members to take home.

Historically, the Santa Clara Ostomy Group has not met in July and December. There is discussion that a December meeting might be scheduled if enough people will attend. This will be a question at the November meeting!

Sally Talley, R.N., WOCN, has opened up a Wound Care and Ostomy Clinic and can be reached at 408-559-2296.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM, as extra time had been given for the bag change event.

What Happened at our September Meeting

For our September meeting, a guest visited the group:Marissa Crosetti. She is working with a startup on innovating a better colostomy bag solution. Marissa came to present their idea of an internal bag that would be emptied externally, and to get feedback on the idea. This was the first time the idea had been presented to ostomates. The group asked many questions and then gave their feedback and ideas. Marissa also asked for those willing to fill out an anonymous survey. Marissa was invited back to the group so she can continue learning about life with an ostomy. After our guest speaker, the floor was opened up to general ostomy questions and concerns. Before the end of the meeting, it was announced that the October meeting would be the first annual “Bag Change Extravaganza.” Three people volunteered to change their bags in front of the group so attendees could see how different people approach their appliance change. It was agreed that the October meeting would fun from 7-9 pm, to allow for extra time if needed.

What Happened at our August Meeting

While we had a small turn-out at our August meeting, we did welcome some new faces. The group chit-chatted for a bit, and then moved on to answering questions and addressing concerns. The idea was brought up for a meeting where a few members would change their appliance. This would give everyone an opportunity to see the actual steps and tricks that others employ. It was agreed that it was a good idea and a date would be set at an upcoming meeting.

We had no July Meeting

What Happened at our June Meeting

At our June meeting, Robyn Home, WOCN and Coloplast representative, visited the group. She presented the new ostomy products coming out by Coloplast. A good time was had by all as many in attendance played with some of the new products. After her presentation, Robyn stayed for the rest of the meeting and helped answer questions and concerns of those in attendance.

What Happened at our May Meeting

The May meeting brought in some new faces, including a few who had just had surgery. Attention was given to those who were considering surgery and those who had just become new ostomates. As usual, the group was more than happy to answer questions and dole out advice. Included in the advice was a reminder that summer is around the corner and that ostomates need to be diligent about drinking water to avoid dehydration.

What Happened at our April Meeting

Our April meeting brought in some new faces, as well as the regular cohort. This month was a regular meeting where questions were answered, and issues and concerns addressed. One our members, who has had his ostomy for over 50 years, gave his take on having an ostomy. He feels grateful to have an ostomy because it saved his life, and suggested that overs try to view it in that way. The group was uplifted by his gratitude and advice.

What Happened at our March Meeting

At our March meeting we had a visit from Nick Gritzai, Jr, of Cymed. They are the makers of MicroSkin, which is a transparent, hypoallergenic polyurethane film. There were many questions from those in attendance, with the most common question being “How do you put it on?” Nick gladly showed us how to put on and take off the MicroSkin by demonstrating on his hand. After Nick’s presentation the floor was opened up for questions, issues, and concerns.

What Happened at our Feb. 11th Meeting

Jennifer and Crystal, our Co-Presidents, kicked off the February meeting. We had had 24 people in attendance. The meeting was chaired by Jennifer with a brief introduction by our members on the type of ostomies that they have and their causes. Jennifer provided a tour of the internet, including our SVOSG website and all that it has to offer. We also surfed around ostomy manufacturer websites, the UOAA, Facebook, awestomy.com, YouTube, and newbieostomy.com, which is a website developed by one of our members. We also did a follow up on questions from the attendants for the rest of the meeting on their concerns and issues that they may have.

What Happened at our Jan. 14th Meeting

Jennifer, our Co-President, kicked off the 2014 meeting. We had had 20 people present. The group will be meeting in the De-Paul conference room for the rest of the year. We should be back in the Sister Rosalie Rendu room in 2015.

Our main activity of the evening was responding to questions that members brought about their own care issues. No matter how many years experience one has had with their ostomy, there are new products, tips and tricks, which we can learn from each other. The group felt that on an ostomy reversal it is best to wait approximately 6 months for your body to heal before having another operation, but your Doctor will decide on the best time. Jennifer said something that related to many ostomy issues: Drink, Drink, Drink and Chew, Chew, Chew (and it better be water!) Stoma Care WOCN Nurse and Coloplast representative, Robyn Home, who is a regular attendee of our meetings, shared news about new skin care products and new barrier paste that help to protect the skin around the stoma. She took considerable time responding to the questions from group members, which the group appreciated. Also in passing she said that the Baby Boomers on the internet are demanding change to the quality of life of ostomy patients and forcing the suppliers to come out with better and new ostomy products.